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A Memepedia é a primeira enciclopédia de memes do Brasil. A internet é um saco sem fundo de gírias, memes, virais, piadas internas e outros tipos de fenômenos menos compreensíveis, e a Memepedia está aqui pra catalogar e explicar (na medida do possível) a origem dessas coisas todas. Se você tiver informações sobre a origem de algum meme, compartilhe com a gente!


por youPIX | 21 setembro 2011

There are almost 80 million brazilians online (40% of the population) and our Internet users are among the most active, social and influential in the online world. What kind of stuff have been making brazilians LOL? Here you’ll find a brief guide to understanding some of the most epic memes and virals of Brazilian Intertubes. Have fun! :)

“Vem, Gente!” – expression used to urge people to do something
Free translation: COME ON, PEOPLE!
Example: Jamie Dubs will be at the youPIX/SF. VEM, GENTE!
Origin: http://migre.me/5JOP0


“Aham, Claudia, senta lá!” – expression used for 2 situations: 1) when you want to arrogant with someone or 2) when you want to say someone is talking bullshit.
Free translation: Ok, Claudia, take a seat!
Example: Ariana Huffington and Michael Arrington are BFF. Aham, claudia, senta la!
Origin: http://migre.me/5JOV6


“Vixe!” – exclamation used when something is frustrating, tense or intense
Free translation: Oh, shit! or Son of a bitch!
Example: Google+ just passed Facebook in total users. VIXE!
Origin: http://migre.me/5JQ5e


“Puta Falta de Sacanagem” – expression used as a replacement for “unfair”
Free translation: F*cking lack of Immorality
Example: Lady Gaga is bigger then LOLCATS on the web. Puta falta de sacanagem!
Origin: http://migre.me/5JQkE


“Vou xingar muito no Twitter” – expression used to say one will say bad things about something on Twitter
Free translation: I’m going to rant on twitter!
Example: Rebecca Black has been excluded from VMA. Vou xingar muito no Twitter.
Origin: http://migre.me/5JQkE (same as “puta falta de sacanagem”)


“Significa” – expression used to imply someone is gay
Free translation: You know what that means!
Example: Mark shaves his legs…. SIGNIFICA!
Origin: http://migre.me/5JR08


“Vao se foderem” – expression used to say “fuck you” but with deliberate mistakes in the form (“Vão se fuder,” would be the correct form).
Free translation: Go fucker yourselfs
Example: They leaked my naked pictures on the web. Vão se foderem!
Origin: http://migre.me/5JRd0


“Todos Chora” – expression used to say one is sad (truly or not). The correct verb would be “choram” (plural).
Free translation: Everybody cry
Example: Tumblr is off-line again . Todos Chora!
Origin: http://migre.me/5JR5D


“CORRÃO” – deliberate misspelling of “corram” (“run”)
Free translation: RUM (run)
Example: The new iPhone is coming out today. CORRAO!
Origin: unknown


“Bons Drink” – ironic expression used to pretend to be a snob
Free translation: Goods drink!
Example: I am here at my beach house having some BONS DRINK!
Origin: http://migre.me/5JS2V


“…só que ao contrário”- expression similar to NOT! in English
Free translation: … but the opposite!
Example: Britney Spears is a great singer… só que ao contrário!
Origin: unknown


Dorgas – its DROGAS (Drugs) spelled wrong and it is used to say that something is nonsense or stupid
Free translation: durgs
Example: Christina Aguilera misspelled the lyrics… DORGAS!
Origin: http://migre.me/5KacV


Tenso – it’s a mix between “Kurt Cobain Reactions” and “When you see it, you will shit bricks” that means a situation is tense. IT can be used as a set of images or individually as a slang.
Free translation: TENSE
Example: I have an exame tomorrow and can’t get out of the internet and study. #tenso
Origin: http://migre.me/5JU54


“Fica, vai ter Bolo” – sarcastic expression used when you don’t want someone to go away or something to be over
Free translation: Stay, there will be cake
Example: The class is not over yet… Fica, vai ter bolo.
Origin: http://migre.me/5Kaap



Mamilos (“Nipples”, 2011)
19 second video shows a 16 years old boy talking about something controversial… and he shows his nipples. Example of nonsense Brazilian humor. “Nipples” became a synonym for controversy.


A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade (“The most beautiful band in town”, 2011)
neo-hippie band formed by 11 musicians produced a long-take video clip with only 8 phrases that you can’t get out of your head.


INRI Cristo (2010-2011)
a self-declared reincarnation of Jesus, INRI Cristo produces mystic versions of Lady Gaga’s, Justin Bieber’s, Katy Perry’s and other pop songs.


Sou Foda (“I’m f*cking awesome”, 2010)
videoclip of the funk song “I’m f*cking awesome”, the lyrics talk about “bitchery” and other unnapropriate stuff for the age of the singer (16 y.o.).


Stefhany do Crossfox (“Crossfox Stefhany”, 2009)
a singer from Brazil’s northeast created a version of “A Thousand Miles” which mentions a Volkswagen car (Crossfox) and became viral because people thought it was an ad.


Pedro, me dá meu chip (“Peter, give me back my chip”, 2009)
a girl gets mad with her boyfriend when he won’t give her mobile chip back and starts to scream in front of his apartment.


Dança do Quadrado (“Square Dance”, 2008)
clip launched by Kibeloco, the largest humor blog in Brazil, which shows a three oddball guys doing crazy dancing on little squares.


Cacete de Agulha (“Damn you, needle”, 2007)
a person that is being interview on TV gets hurt by a needle and shouts: Damn you, needle!


Jeremias Muito Louco (“Jeremias very crazy”, 2006)
a man is arrested after driving absolutely drunk and at the police station gives the craziest interview ever where he says things like “if I could, I would kill a thousand people” or “it was the dog (devil) that made us drink”.

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